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  1. the braille super store
  2. the all in play site for blind and sighted gamers
  3. for the people voice chat site
  4. the empowerment zone site
  5. the access technology institute
  6. the american council of the blind
  7. A C B radio
  8. the national federation of the blind site
  9. the american foundation for the blind site
  10. g-w-micro
  11. freedom scientific
  12. book share
  13. international braille research center
  14. the Advance Corporation Braille-Tac site
  15. John Wilson's from the key board tutorials
  16. books on tape
  17. the blind rehab site, job opportunities and assistive technology for the blind
  18. the american printing house for the blind site
  19. brian hartgen's web site
  20. the speak to me catalog
  21. the web page tutor site, another source for learning to write a web page
  22. information on the freedom box
  23. the white stick site
  24. Vito Procia's i r t i web site
  25. Maxy Aids
  26. independent living
  27. Anne Morris Enterprizes
  28. The L S and S Group
  29. Games for the Blind
  30. download free software and games for windows here
  31. the helping hands for the blind site
  32. the lioncourt site, another resource for mac and voice over users
  33. David Woodbridge's site, with podcasts for learning the mac with voice over
  34. the applevis site, more resources for learning the mac with voice over
  35. the r s game site, another gaming site for blind people
  36. audio games for the blind
  37. more accessible games for the blind are here
  38. the accessible world site, presentations in the operating of programs in windows on the computer for the blind
  39. more resources with the blind corners site
  40. Bill and Marie Johnson's friendly voice chat room with the ivocalize chat client
  41. bargains for the blind
  42. download the new exciting game for the blind, technoshock here
  43. the blind geek zone site
  44. the blind computing site
  45. the jaws users site
  46. Here is an explanation plus a link for the accessible harry potter gamewhich you have to have the flash player to play it. Hi Folks, There is a Harry Potter Guess the Voices Game. It is flash based and quite accessible. You need to have read the Harry Potter books thoroughly and even better listened to Jim Dale reading them. If You answer 15 out of 15 questions correctly, You are a prefect! Here is the link to the page,
  47. the accessible harry potter trivia game
  48. Then click on the link, Guess the Voices Game The 5 multiple choices will be numbered and a button to guess then the person's name below the button. Between questions you get your current score with a next button to go to the next audio question. Have fun!
  49. this is the site that prooves that blind people can cook in the dark, the blind mice mart site
  50. a video demonstration of how screen readers work for blind people
  51. the blind planet site, information for and about blind people
  52. the everything blind site, extensive opportunities for the blind
  53. the blink nation site, accessible blogging for blind people
  54. the accessible phones site, accessible phones blind people can use
  55. the new game, alter ego, with description below
  56. At the above link, you will find a game called Alter Ego. It is a life simulation, and you choose things to do throughout your life like have a relationship, get a job, etc. It saves your game automatically, so when you've had enough, you can just close the window, and when you go back to it later and reopen the website it will have saved your place. Its not only for fun though, it can help with your decision making skills, as the game heavily relies on you making choices and dessisions that affect the outcome of your life. It is very accessible with JAWS, and I should imagine that it is similarly accessible with other screen readers too.
  57. john more's interesting podcasts regarding personal and relevant topics
  58. the zone bbs site, fun word games everyone can play
  59. the softcon site, with games for the mackintosh that blind people can play with voice over, the built-in screen reader for the mac operating system
  60. the matilda ziegler site, offering resourceful articles and blindness related links
  61. the guides from this link, will help you learn voice over, the built-in screen reader for the mac operating system
  62. more resources for learning the mac and voice over are at this link
  63. blind adrenaline, a site for both blind and sighted card players
  64. go here for blind spot and voice chat
  65. go to the otr cat site for an excellent source of old time radio programs
  66. Blindness and Visual Impairment Resources
  67. the voice over easy site, another resource for learning voice over on your i o s device
  68. the eyes on success site, informative podcasts dealing with accessibility issues for the blind
  69. blind entrepreneur Rick Epperly's better music boxes, not just for the rich, but for everyone
  70. more articles for the blind are found on this link
  71. learn about the free screen reader, n v d a, here
  72. described movies for the blind are found here
  73. more resources for learning the mac with voice over are found here
  74. project starfish, employment opportunities for the blind
  75. a list of resources for the blind and vision impaired in great britain
  76. the america's blind tradesman site, prooving that blind people can create their own opportunities
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