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  1. connie stevens, tick tock, 1970
  2. gerry and the pacemakers, I like theit, 1964
  3. the shirelles, tonights the night, 1960
  4. the chantels, eternally, 1963
  5. elvis presley, do the clam, (1965), (from the movie girl happy)
  6. the chi-lites, let me be the man my daddy was, 1969
  7. the chi-lites, my heart just keeps on breaking, 1973
  8. the mcguire sisters, banana split, 1957
  9. gerry and the pacemakers, ferry across the mersey, 1965
  10. ed bruce, see the big man cry, 1963
  11. jack blanchard and misty morgan, tennessee bird walk, 1970
  12. edwin bruce, baby that's good
  13. the fifth dimension, the girl's song, 1970
  14. b w stevenson, my maria, 1973
  15. norm burns and the five stars, martin luther king, 1971
  16. the beach boys, surf's up, 1971
  17. the challengers, I can tell, 1956
  18. pratt and mcclain, happy days, 1976
  19. johnny mathis, sweet thursday, 1962
  20. jimmy rodgers, I won't sing rock and roll, 1955
  21. jimmie rodgers, secretly, 1958
  22. jimmie rodgers, today, 1968
  23. the blossoms, good good lovin', 1967
  24. jim and jean, people world, 1968
  25. three playmates, sugah wooga, 1958
  26. james and bobby purify, I can remember, 1968
  27. the playmates, keep your hands in your pockets, 1962
  28. james and bobby purify, let love come between us, 1967
  29. the playmates, when the record goes around, 1958
  30. james and bobby purify, help yourself to all of my loving, 1968
  31. eric burton and the animals, house of the rising sun, 1964
  32. the big bopper, (jp richardson), pink pettycoats, 1959
  33. the deep six, rising sun, 1965
  34. ritchie valens, that's my little suzie with count, 1959
  35. the big bopper, aka jp richardson, it's the truth ruth, 1959
  36. buddy holly, wishing, 1963
  37. ritchie valens, la bamba, live at pacoima junior high school, December tenth, 1958
  38. Sonny Gianotta, the last blast of the blasted bugler, 1962
  39. gladys knight and the pips, where peaceful waters flow, 1973
  40. the supremes, a breath taking guy, 1963
  41. billy joe royal, yo-yo, 1966
  42. carole king, tapestry, title cut from the album, 1971
  43. carole king, smackwater jack, 1971
  44. fun and games, the grooviest girl in the world, 1968
  45. the spinners, the rubberband man, 1976
  46. war, the world is a ghetto, 1973
  47. the flaming ember, mind body and soul, 1969
  48. the electric light orchestra, shine a little love, 1979
  49. little caesar and the romans, those oldies but goodies, 1961
  50. the chartbusters, you're breaking my heart, 1965
  51. tom jones, it's not unusual, 1965
  52. the rip chords, don't be scared, 1965
  53. frank gallop, the ballad of irving, 1966
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Then go here Well, there's a few hours of streaming oldies, and, if any of the links are broken please contact me by word of mouth, as I have taken all the email links off the site due to increasing spam. Thanks for reading the page, and enjoy the oldies.