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  1. tommy page, a shoulder to cry on, 1989
  2. rhetta hughes, light my fire, 1969, from the re-light my fire album
  3. don julian and the meadowlarks, love only you, 1954
  4. big danny oliver, sapphire, 1958
  5. the storytellers, deedle um song, 1966
  6. the magic lanterns, shame shame, 1968
  7. keith colley, shame shame, 1967
  8. the surfaris, surfer joe, 1963, long version
  9. sister sledge, thinking of you, 1979, from the we are family album
  10. freddie hughes, send my baby back, 1968
  11. aliotta haynes jeremiah, lake shore drive, 1971
  12. jerry lee lewis, lewis boogie, 1958
  13. spyder turner, stand by me, 1967
  14. chuck berry, you never can tell, 1964
  15. adam faith, it's alright, 1965
  16. j.j. jackson, but it's alright, 1966
  17. gene pitney, fool killer, 1965, from the album, gene pitney's big sixteen, volume II
  18. chuck berry, downbound train, 1956
  19. the new wave, little dreams, 1967
  20. cher, make the man love me, 1974
  21. john fogerty and the blue ridge rangers, hearts of stone, 1973
  22. al wilson, the snake, 1968
  23. the free design, kites are fun, 1967
  24. the foundations, in the bad bad old days, 1969
  25. gene mcdaniels, hang on (just a little bit longer), 1965
  26. the dialtones, till I heard it from you, 1960
  27. elvis presley, don't be cruel, 1956, thinking carefully as to what day this is
  28. rosie and the originals, lonely blue nights, 1962
  29. laura nyro, hands off the man, (flim flam man), 1967
  30. kathy and larry, magic island, 1967
  31. johnny and the hurricanes, beatnik fly, 1960
  32. rosie and the originals, my darling forever, 1961
  33. the jelly beans, so long, 1964
  34. guitar jr. roll, roll, roll, 1958
  35. ed townsend, stay with me, 1960
  36. lightnin slim, hello mary lee, 1961
  37. blanch thomas, you ain't so such a much, 1954
  38. little stevie wonder, contract on love, 1962
  39. ernestine anderson, you're not the guy for me, 1964
  40. the j. Geils Band, take it back, 1979
  41. the beach boys, surfer girl, 1963
  42. miguel rios, a song of joy, 1970, for resurrection Sunday
  43. the supremes, surfer boy, 1965, from the album more hits by the supremes
  44. billy bland, my heart is on fire, 1961
  45. the bees, toy bell, 1954, also known as my ding-a-ling
  46. ronnie milsap, total disaster, 1963
  47. the game, my kind of morning, late 1969
  48. eternity's children, rumors, 1967
  49. rene touzet, el loco cha cha cha, 1957
  50. the main ingredient, everybody plays the fool, 1972
  51. the main ingredient, spinning around, 1971
  52. the highwaymen, cotton fields, 1962
  53. brook benton, revenge, 1962
  54. conway twitty, portrait of a fool, 1962
  55. billy ford, my girl, 1964
  56. OMC How Bizarre, 1996
  57. dc talk, just between you and me, 1996
  58. the bee gees, first of may, 1969, from the odessa album
  59. the maundy quintet, I'm not alone, 1967
  60. bill haley and the comets, dance around the clock, 1963
  61. ray stevens, everything is beautiful, 1970
  62. unknown artist and title, spanish song for cinco de mayo
  63. the sundowners, always you, 1967
  64. the sundowners, dear undecided, 1967
  65. the byrds, chimes of freedom, 1965
  66. linda ronstadt, we need a whole lot more of jesus, and a lot less rock and roll, [1969]
  67. the jaggerz, (thats why) baby I love you, 1968
  68. carlos mendes, penina, 1969
  69. michael parks, long lonesome highway, 1970
  70. little stevie wonder, la la la la la, 1962, (original version)
  71. what will you say, presentation for mother's day
  72. the blendells, la la la la la, 1964
  73. the arabians, (please) take a chance on me, 1964
  74. helen shapiro, tell me what he said, 1962
  75. the rooney brothers, geordie, 1967
  76. john bean, mr. k, 1963
  77. john phillips, mississippi, 1970
  78. jefferson, the color of my love, 1969
  79. little royal, jealous, 1972
  80. barbra mercer, nobody loves you like me, 1965
  81. jay and the americans, you're living above your head, 1966
  82. jamie bubba and j faulkner, black cadillac, 2015
  83. bobby goldsboro, me japanese boy I love you, 1964
  84. the harden trio, tippy toeing, 1966
  85. the pozo seco singers, time, 1966
  86. jefferson, baby take me in your arms, 1969
  87. staff sergeant barry sadler, the A team, 1966, for memorial day
  88. gregg allman, dark end of the street, 1997
  89. the vapors, turning japanese, 1980
  90. the esko affair, salt and pepper, 1969
  91. the allman brothers, melissa, 1972
  92. maureen mcgovern, nice to be around, 1974
  93. arthur conley, sweet soul music, 1967
  94. sam cooke, yeah man, 1964
  95. mikie harris and the ardons, threes a crowd, 1966
  96. chuck miller, the house of blue lights, 1955
  97. two of clubs, walk tall, 1966
  98. the olympics, baby do the philly dog, 1966
  99. razzy bailey and the neighborhood kids, I hate hate, 1974
  100. maureen mcgovern, I won't last a day without you, 1973
  101. maureen mcgovern, give me a reason to be gone, 1974
  102. norro wilson, mama mccluskey, 1968
  103. adam west, miranda, 1966
  104. the sweet three, thats the way it is (when a girls in love), 1965
  105. the doors, break on through, unsensored version, 1967
  106. the monkees, shades of gray, 1967
  107. the beach boys, kiss me baby, 1965
  108. the beach boys, add some music, 1970
  109. jo ann campbell, a kooky little paradise, 1960
  110. the mike quatro jam band, circus, 1972
  111. the sweets, something about my baby, 1966
  112. download Rick Lewis's summer special from june eighteenth, 2017, here
  113. stream Rick Lewis's summer special from June eighteenth, 2017, here
  114. bill dana and jose jimenez, the astronaut, 1961
  115. pat boone, well then there now, 1959
  116. lulu and the lovers, surprise surprise, 1965
  117. the rolling stones, surprise, surprise, from the now album, 1965
  118. travis wammack, how can I tell you, 1973
  119. the byrds, my back pages, 1967
  120. roy orbison, you're my baby, 1956
  121. moody and the deltas, everybody come clap your hands, 1964
  122. kenny odell, next plane to london, 1967, from the beautiful people album
  123. santana, everybody's everything, 1971, from the santana 3 album
  124. the emperors, karate, 1966
  125. steam, I've gotta make you love me, 1970
  126. the mormon tabernacle choir, the battle hymn of the republic, for independence day, 2017
  127. little carl carlton, drop by my place, 1970
  128. shep and the limelites, three steps from the altar, 1961
  129. dickey goodman, mr. jaws, the sam ward version, 2010
  130. van mccoy, the shuffle, 1976
  131. lee garrett, you're my everything, 1976
  132. van mccoy, party, 1976
  133. nancy wilson, you don't know how glad I am, 1964
  134. the royal jokers, don't leave me fanny, 1957
  135. the ashes, is there something I can do, 1966
  136. joey scarbury, mixed up guy, 1971
  137. guy mitchell, ninety nine years, 1956
  138. ben colder, please don't go near the eskimos, 1962
  139. bobby bear, detroit city, 1963
  140. linda carr and the impossibles, shy one, 1961
  141. the intruders, hang on in there, 1973
  142. the inspirations, come back home to me, 1972
  143. bobby vinton, I love you the way you are, 1962
  144. sam cooke, having a party, 1962
  145. glen campbell, let me be, 1969
  146. madeline bell, I'm gonna make you love me, 1968
  147. the harptones, shrine of saint cecilia, 1953, from the album presenting the harptones
  148. johnny hicks, hamburger hop, 1950
  149. bobby taylor and the vancouvers, does your mama know about me, 1968
  150. the korgis, everybody's got to learn sometime, (alternate version), 1980
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