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  1. the sensations, music, music, music, 1961
  2. charlie pride, all I have to offer you is me, 1969
  3. the byrds, you ain't goin' no where, 1968
  4. guy marks, loving you has made me bananas, 1967
  5. the association, the bus song, 1968, from the birthday album
  6. the association, names, tags, numbers, and labels, 1973
  7. andy williams, can't get use to losing you, 1963
  8. boots walker, they're here, 1967
  9. glen campbell, true grit, 1969
  10. sailcat, motorcycle mama, 1972
  11. barbra mercer, doin things together with you, 1965
  12. the jackson brothers, snuggle up baby, 1957
  13. glen campbell, honey come back, 1970
  14. the supremes, let me go the right way, 1962
  15. the majorettes, white levis, 1962
  16. theola kilgore, this is my prayer, 1963
  17. the whispers, seems like I gotta do wrong, 1970
  18. o.c. smith, the son of hickory hollers tramp, 1968
  19. sweetwater, what's wrong, 1969
  20. j.d.sumner and the stamps quartet, elvis has left the building, 1977
  21. bonnie tyler, total eclipse of the heart, 1983
  22. jerry butler, moody woman, 1969
  23. jerry lewis, it all depends on you, 1957
  24. the gamblers, moon dog, 1960
  25. lucky clark, so sick, 1961
  26. sonny burgess, red headed woman, 1956
  27. roy hall, three alley cats, 1956
  28. lesley duncan, love song, 1969, original version
  29. richard harris, my boy, 1971, original version
  30. the ly-dells, karen, 1963
  31. glen campbell, mr. tambourine man, instrumental, 1964
  32. the debonaires, may we be on better terms, unreleased from the cd dutone doo-wop volume 2
  33. les cooper, wiggle wobble, 1962
  34. the ly-dells, doing the wiggle wobble, 1963
  35. oscar brown jr, the work song, 1961
  36. the righteous brothers, the blues, the other side of just once in my life, 1965
  37. steely dan, only a fool would say that, 1973
  38. larry elgart, hooked on swing, 1982
  39. cicero blake, sad feeling, 1965
  40. skeeter davis, what does it take (to keep a man like you satisfied, 1967
  41. the e types, put the clock back on the wall, 1967
  42. jim campbell, the lights of tucson, 1970
  43. julie m, that others may live, song for September eleventh
  44. the pozo-seco singers, look what you've done, 1967
  45. don williams, I believe in you, 1980
  46. the davis sisters, you weren't ashamed to kiss me last night, 1954
  47. montgomery gentry, back when I knew it all, 2008
  48. jesse colin young, songbird, 1975
  49. james and bobby purify, I can remember, 1968
  50. the boxtops, I met her in church, 1968
  51. o.c. smith, honey I miss you, 1969
  52. the boxtops, sweet cream ladies, forward march, 1968
  53. the ventures, cookies and coke, 1959, a vocal, their first record
  54. marty robbins, grown up tears, 1957, the flip side of a white sport coat
  55. bill haley and the comets, 13 women, 1954
  56. jan rhodes, mom, (can I talk to you), 1968
  57. jan rhodes, chasin honey, 1968
  58. the new establishment, one of these days, Sunday's gonna come on Tuesday, 1969
  59. yellow balloon, yellow balloon, 1967
  60. andy williams, the house of bamboo, 1958, the flip side of the Hawaiian wedding song
  61. the regents, runaround, 1961
  62. clarence reid, funky party, 1974
  63. the brass ring, disadvantages of you, 1967
  64. the brass ring, the phoenix love theme, 1966
  65. elvis presley, as long as I have you, 1958, from the king creole album
  66. october country, october country, 1968
  67. tom petty and the heartbreakers, the last dj, title cut from the last dj album, 2002
  68. beverly noble, better off without you, 1965
  69. dennis lambert, ashes to ashes, 1972, original version
  70. the shy limbs, reputation, 1969
  71. johnny thunder, tornado warning, title cut from their album, 2015
  72. dion and the belmonts, in the still of the night, 1960
  73. bunny sigler, keep smiling, 1974
  74. etta james, I'd rather go blind, 1968
  75. diana trask, lover is just another name for fool, 1959
  76. the emotions, echo, 1962
  77. the brass ring, Sunday night at the movies, 1967, from a vinyl dunhill album
  78. emilio pericoli, Al Di La, 1962
  79. linda brannon, don't cross over to my side of the street, 1963
  80. mama cass elliott, California earthquake, 1968, album version
  81. jimmy beaumont, give her my best, 1963
  82. nicolette larson, talk to me, 1982
  83. war, outlaw, 1982
  84. jimmy beaumont, everybody's crying, 1961
  85. the skyliners, believe me, 1960
  86. the jumpin jacks, you'll wonder where the yellow went, 1956, the original melody for the pepsodent tooth paste commercial
  87. wadsworth mansion, sweet mary, 1970, long version
  88. donnie elbert, believe it or not, 1957
  89. fats domino, alive and kickin, 2006
  90. ric cartey, scratching on my screen, 1958
  91. lesley gore, young love, 1966
  92. ric cartey, young love, 1956, original version
  93. fats domino, before I grow too old, 1960
  94. jimmy beaumont of the skyliners, the end of the story, 1961
  95. sam and bill, for your love, 1965
  96. dallas frazier, conspiracy of homer jones, 1969
  97. freddy fender, wasted days and wasted nights, original 1959 version
  98. the sheppard sisters, gettin' ready for freddy, 1957
  99. frank sinatra, new york, new york, 1977
  100. charlie rich, she's a yum yum, 1966
  101. dallas frazier, elvira, 1966, original version
  102. robert knight, everlasting love, 1967
  103. the love affair, everlasting love, 1968
  104. stark and mcbrien, isn't it lonely together, 1975
  105. the pentagons, I wonder, 1961
  106. the pentagons, walking alone, 1961
  107. billy boy arnold, I wish you would, 1955
  108. the association, pandora's golden heebie jeebies, 1966
  109. herb alpert and the tijuana brass, zazueira, 1969
  110. billy bayou, rattlesnake, 1989
  111. derek, cinnamon, 1968
  112. richard 'groove' holmes, secret love, 1966
  113. billy stewart, secret love, 1966
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