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Hello, my name is Marty Rimpau, and I am the blind web master for the web site, and I have a question for you? If you were a blind person, and you had just purchased a computer, and all you knew about was your screen reader manufacturer, but no other information, and the store that you had purchased your computer from was totally unfamiliar with access technology, where would you go, and what would you do? I am new at web design, and so things will be added as time goes on, but my goal for this site, is to try, the best that I know how, with my limited knowledge, to shorten the lag time between when a blind person purchases his computer, and when he finally goes on line, by providing resource information, and entertaining links, and in the following pages, I will describe myself, and my likes and dislikes regarding music and entertainment.

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This web page is divided up in to three categories, they are, the your daily oldie the your daily oldie link, where I try and feature lesser known oldies, resources the resource link, where I point you toward products and services for the blind, streaming media and the streaming media link, where, if possible, I provide direct streaming links to stations. if you have any questions, let me know by word of mouth, as I have taken all email links down, because of excessive spam, and I will do my best to correct any problems.